Get paid to write for Another Firearm Blog

Hey fellow shooters! I have really been enjoying writing on this blog, but I would like it to become more than just a one-man-band! So I have decided to hire freelance writers to help me with more content. If you love shooting, firearms or anything related, and would like to GET PAID writing about what you love, get in touch with me!


While some of the topics we write about are technical, our writing style is very conversational and relaxed, having said that, it goes without saying that all applicants should have very good writing skills.

To apply, you will also need experience with firearms, or the firearm industry. Some examples include:

  • Work experience in a firearm dealership/gunshop, firearm or ammunition manufacturing, or gunsmithing.
  • Experience in competitive shooting such as IPSC, IDPA, Precision Rifle Series, etc.
  • Experience as a hunter, or even better a professional hunter, or a hunting outfitter.
  • Experience with licensing processes or firearm law.

If you qualify with one or more of the above requirements, then we will ask that you write a sample article after undergoing a short video tutorial on our format and writing style. We will pay for this writing work, even if your application is unsuccessful.

Once you have submitted your sample article, we will send feedback, with changes, etc. that need to be done. If your sample article is up to par after this, then we can take you on as a regular freelance writer.


For the sample article, we will pay R350 for each 1,350 words that you write. Our articles are a minimum of 1,350 words.

As a regular freelance writer, you will get paid R500 for each 1,350 words that you write. That works out to 37 cents per word. For example, if you write an article that is 2,500 words long, you will be paid 2,500 x 0.37 = R925


Please contact me using the form below if you are qualified and interested. Please only apply if you have the relevant experience and adequate writing skills.